State Tournament Rules

The playing rules of the American Amateur Baseball Congress shall be the official rules of baseball, except as amended by the AABC. Member Associations shall be bound by these rules at all levels of AABC tournament competition — state, regional and national; but more stringent rules at local, state or regional levels shall have priority over national rules.

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    The President of each League will be responsible for verifying that each of their participating teams has the following documentation prior to the start of the State Tournament. The Tournament Director(s) will inspect all documents prior to the start of the games.
         1. Team Insurance Certificate
         2. Official AABC Roster, completed and signed by each player
         3. Copy of birth certificate or passport for each player
    The above documentation must accompany every team to every game!

    Southern California Amateur Baseball Association (SCABA) uses American League Rules with the following modifications. These rules are the official rules under which all tournament games will be played. In the event of any confusion, conflicts or disagreement of any rules or regulations included herein, the decision of the Chief Umpire is final and binding. PROTESTS: the governing Tournament Director (s) shall decide any protest resulting from Tournament competition. An appeal may be filed with the designated Tournament Director and/or the SCABA South Vice President, but only if the appeal is made at the time of the original ruling and is based upon a matter of eligibility. Such an appeal must be accompanied by a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). If the appeal is upheld, the $100 fee will be returned.

  • UNIFORMS: Every player and coach on the field MUST be in baseball uniforms.
  • BASEBALLS: For the first three rounds, each team will be supplied with one dozen AABC Diamond MVP-D1 baseballs. Each team will supply the plate umpire with three balls at the start of each game. Additional baseballs will be provided during the game beginning with the home team first. Please have players retrieve and return foul balls.
  • HOME TEAM: Coin flip will determine the home team and dugout throughout the tournament.
  • SCOREKEEPING: The HOME TEAM will be responsible for maintaining the official scorebook for each game. The scorebook MUST be signed by the plate umpire after each game to verify game scores and number of innings pitched by each pitcher making an appearance in the game. Scores must be reported at the completion of each game. (714) 651-4338 or email:
  • GAME LIMITS: 7-innings with no time limit. Winners must be determined. In Tournament play, no team shall be permitted to play more than two (2) games in one calendar day without direct permission from the National Office.
  • SLIDING: Any runner is out when the runner does not slide or attempt to avoid a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make a tag or is in the process of fielding the ball.
  • MERCYS: In AABC Tournament competition for the Connie Mack, Don Mattingly, Mickey Mantle & Mickey Mantle 15s Divisions, a game other than one in which a champion may be determined, shall be legally completed after five (5) innings if the visiting team is ahead by at least eight (8) runs and after four and one-half (4-1/2) innings if the home team is ahead by at least eight (8) runs.
         1. For the safety and well being of the players, no player may pitch more than a total of twelve (12) innings within a period of two (2) consecutive days, UNLESS: he is pitching at a time when the game goes into extra innings; in which case, he may continue to pitch until the conclusion of the game or until relieved.
         2. When a pitcher “appears” on two (2) consecutive days as a pitcher, he may not pitch on the third consecutive day, UNLESS he pitched no more than three (3) innings on each of the first two (2) days; in which case he may pitch no more than three (3) innings on day three. Please note that (i) a pitcher may not pitch any number of pitches past three (3) innings in any of the three days, and (ii) the throwing of one pitch constitutes an appearance.
         3. A pitcher relying upon Rule 804 (b) may not pitch on day four. Three (3) outs shall constitute an inning; two (2) out, two-thirds (2/3) inning; one (1) out, one third (1/3) inning. (However, when a pitcher throws one (1) pitch to a batter beyond the pitching limitation, he is guilty of a violation and penalty shall be forfeiture of the game; provided each team has been officially notified of the pitching records (innings pitched) of each pitcher, prior to the start of the game.
         1. Players and coaches must be in uniform at all State Tournament games.
         2. The use of NOCSAE approved protective headgear (hardhat) with double flaps while batting and running the bases is mandatory.
         3. The use of NOCSAE approved protective headgear (hardhat) and a throat protector by the catcher while catching is mandatory.
         4. In AABC Stan Musial Division Tournaments, only wood, laminate or composite wood bats may be used. The bat must not exceed 42 inches in length and 2p inches in diameter. In AABC Connie Mack, Don Mattingly, Mickey Mantle and Mickey Mantle 15’s Division Tournaments, wood or non-wood bats may be used. The bat may not exceed minus three (-3) in differential between length and weight and must not be larger than 2 inches in diameter.
  • DESIGNATED HITTER RULE: The designated hitter is allowed for the Pitcher only. No Extra Hitter allowed.
  • EJECTION: In the event a player, coach or manager is ejected from the game, the individual must leave the dugout and playing complex for the remainder of that game. The Tournament Director(s), who has the authority to impose additional game suspensions, will review all ejections.
         1. AABC Tournaments must be completed in compliance with the approved AABC double-elimination bracket; deviations from the approved brackets are not permitted other than in pool play. The AABC approved method of pairings mandates that the Tournament be conducted on a true double-elimination basis. Following the first three (3) or four (4) rounds of a Tournament, pairings may need to be adjusted to comply with the following rules.
         2. Where there is a bye in the schedule, all teams – undefeated and defeated – shall share in drawing for the bye except as provided below in (d). No team may receive a second bye until every other team alive shall have had a first bye. This will be adhered to even if it means two (2) teams must meet for the second time when there is a team alive they have not yet met. The bye has top priority over anything else and must be the first consideration. It is vital and essential that the bye be determined FIRST.
         3. No team will meet another team for the second time where there remains a different team left to play, UNLESS: i) it would violate (b) above, ii) there are only three (3) teams left as provided below in (d), or iii) all possible combinations of games seeds some pair or pairs of teams against each other for the second time. If there is only one possible group of pairings with the fewest number of teams meeting for the second time, then that group of pairings shall be used. If there is more than one equal possibility, the entire group of games will be selected by lot from those pairings with the fewest number of teams, which must meet for the second time.
         4. When there are only three (3) teams left in the Tournament and each has received an equal number of byes or no team has received a bye and i) one team has played the other two teams and the other two teams have not met, then the teams who have not met must play, and the other team will receive the bye in that round; or ii) one team has not met either of the other two teams, and the other two teams have met, then the team who has not played either of the other two teams will draw its opponent, and the other team will receive a bye in that round.
         5. Winners will play winners and losers will play losers UNLESS it would violate (b), (c) or (d) above.
         6. A forfeit in Tournament play shall be treated as a win, not as a bye.
  • FORFEITURES: Any team forfeiting a State Tournament game will lose post-season eligibility for the following year.