League Rules

The playing rules of the American Amateur Baseball Congress shall be the official rules of baseball, except as amended by the AABC. Member Associations shall be bound by these rules at all levels of AABC tournament competition — state, regional and national; but more stringent rules at local, state or regional levels shall have priority over national rules.

Adobe Acrobat Reader must be used to view forms located on this website. Forms may be printed blank for completion, or completed on screen and then printed. Once completed the printed form shall be mailed to the appropriate office with any additional required materials.

  1. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY FOR POST-SEASON PLAY – Each player, to be eligible for League or AABC sanctioned tournaments or post season play/playoffs, must play in at least three (3) regularly scheduled games during the regular season; the player must have been present and his name appearing in games in the official scorebook. For the summer season only, he must also have signed a Player Contract (“Contract”) before playing in any league game.
  2. PROOF OF INSURANCE – Each Field Manager/Head Coach is responsible for obtaining team insurance and submitting a current copy to the League Secretary prior to the start of each season, unless the League purchases insurance for all its member teams. In either case, a copy of a current team insurance certificate must accompany each team to each league or AABC game/event.
  3. SUSPENSIONS, EJECTIONS AND APPEAL PROCEEDINGS– Any player(s), manager(s) or coach (es) that is ejected from a game for fighting before, during or after a game, while in uniform or any part of the teams uniform (e.g., hat, or jersey only), will be AUTOMATICALLY suspended for the next game. Enforcement of the suspension is the responsibility of the player’s team Field Manager/Head Coach. Any game that a manager(s), coach(es) or player(s) later participate in while he/she was under suspension will be forfeited. A team’s manager may protest a suspension by formally requesting (within 48 hours of when the event causing the suspension occurred) a special hearing to review any suspension or ejection decision. The League Commissioner (or another League Board Member at the Commissioner’s request) will review the matter in a timely manner. The Commissioner’s (or the assigned League official’s) decision will be final.
  4. FORFEITS– A forfeiture will have occurred if after a game’s scheduled starting time, a team cannot field a team of at least nine (9) player’s from that team’s Official Player Roster. [The forgoing notwithstanding, this rule will not be as strictly enforced for games during the Fall Program.] After the second forfeiture by any one team within the same summer season, the League Board reserves the right to impose further penalty, including the omission from post-season play participation. POST SEASON FORFEITS – Any team forfeiting a post season state playoff game will automatically be suspended from post season participation for the following season.
  5. FORFEITURE & PROTEST FEE PENALTY– The League prefers not to tolerate superfluous, frequent or abundant forfeitures and protest activity, and will be charging a fee for each forfeiture or protest that occurs, as follows: (a) FORFEITURES- For EACH and every game that is forfeited, the responsible team will incur a minimum financial penalty of $125.00 plus umpire fees incurred by the League for the game. (b) After the second forfeiture by any one team within the same summer season, the League Board reserves the right to impose further penalty, including the omission from post-season play participation. (Rev. 08/19/02) (c) PROTESTS- For each and every protest that is filed by a team, the responsible team must pay a Protest Fee of $100.00, in advance before the League will review any protest. The League’s Commissioner or Chief Umpire will review the protest in a timely manner, and advise of his/her decision, which will be considered final. Further protest and debate on the same matter will be considered another, separate event, and will cause the responsible team to incur another Protest Fee charge.
  6. GAME SAFETY – All players must be wearing proper equipment to play the game. Helmets must be worn at all times by players while hitting. Catchers must wear a helmet and facemask at all times while in the game or while warming up Pitchers. Players must wear a helmet at all times while on or running the bases. A player ‘must slide or otherwise attempt to avoid physical contact while on or running the bases. The use of NOCSAE approved protection headgear (hard hat) must be worn by base coaches while in the field of play. (AABC 2009 Rule 221)
  7. GAME TIES AND TIME LIMITS– All AABC games will be (7) innings in length, except (9) innings for the Stan Musial Division, subject to the following rules for game time length limits. No new inning will be started after a game’s length has reached 2 hours (Connie Mack & Don Mattingly); 2 hours 15 min. (Mickey Mantle); no time limit for Stan Musial. If the game is still tied after the inning that is completed when these game time length limits have occurred, then the game will be recorded as a tie. The official game ‘start time’ will be as defined by the behind-the-plate umpire.
  8. POINT SYSTEM FOR LEAGUE STANDINGS– Two (2) points will be awarded to the winning team, and one (1) point to each team for a tie. The team(s) with the most accumulated points as of the first 10 games played in the Summer 2011 regular season shall advance as the League’s representative(s) to the next level, providing the team(s) is in good standing with the League.
  9. NO MERCY RULE– There is no pre-defined mercy rule. The mutual decision of each competing team’s Mangers will govern, with the concurrence of the game’s behind-the-plate umpire.
  10. GAME RULES – Shall be AMERICAN LEAGUE RULES, with the following modifications: (a) HIGH SCHOOL STARTING PLAYER RE-ENTRY RULE- a player who is in the starting line-up of the game, and is later substituted for, is allowed to re-enter the game ONCE, and only in the same spot in the batting order; (b) MUST SLIDE/AVOID CONTACT RULE–Any player while running the bases must slide or otherwise have demonstrated to the game’s umpires that he made a sincere attempt to avoid contact, during situations involving a close play at any plate. Flagrant attempts to elbow, tackle, intentionally knock over, slide with ‘spikes up’, and the like will not be tolerated, and is solely at the discretion of the umpire. There will be no protests of umpire rulings for their decisions associated with this rule; furthermore, any player ejected under this rule will be suspended for the next game; (c) COURTESY RUNNER FOR CATCHER- Only the Catcher is allowed a courtesy runner, as long as there are already two (2) outs in the inning. (If a courtesy runner is used, the courtesy runner’s participation in the game shall count toward the ‘minimum three (3) games requirement’ for participation, referred to in Rule #3, ELIGIBILITY, above.) (d) The designated hitter (DH) is optional but can only be used for the pitcher. One optional extra hitter (EH) will be allowed for a maximum 10-batter line-up but he must be on the line-up card exchanged at pre-game conference. The EH may enter defensively at any time, in any position, but must remain in the same spot in the batting order. The line-up must stay with either 9 or 10 batters, whichever is used, for the entire game.
  11. OFFICIAL SCOREKEEPING RESPONSIBILITY – Both the home and visitor teams are required to maintain scorebooks but the home team shall be responsible for reporting the official game score to the League representative within 24 hours after each game.
  12. CLEAN DUGOUT DUTIES – It is the Field Manager/Head Coach’s duty to see that their dugouts are left in clean condition after every game by ensuring that all trash is picked-up and deposited in a trash receptacle.
  13. GAME BATS – 15U (Ken Griffey, Jr) and 16U (Mickey Mantle) and 18U (Connie Mack) shall be Wood Bats only for the 2012 Summer Season.
  14. GAME BALLS – Each team is to provide two (2) new baseballs at the start of each game to the home plate umpire. If more are needed, umpires will ask teams for additional baseballs on an alternating basis beginning with the home team.
  15. END OF REGULAR SEASON TIE – In the event of a tie(s) at the end of regular season play, and if time and field availability will allow, a playoff game will be played. Otherwise, the following procedure will be followed to determine a winning team: 1) Least total number of runs given up, 2) Most runs scored, 3) Draw or coin flip.
  16. TEAM CERTIFICATION / ELIGIBILITY FOR POST SEASON PLAYOFF– A maximum 20-MAN ROSTER (for MM, DM & CM), or 24-MAN ROSTER (for Stan Musial) must be turned into the AABC State Association no later than midnight on July 1st. The League certification process will occur at a date, time and place to be specified prior to JULY 1 st . The League reserves the right to send its top teams that best represent the League into the State Qualifiers and/or State playoff regardless of standings. Payment of League fees and participation in League games constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the League rules by the teams manager(s), coaches’ parents and players.
  17. STATE PLAYOFF DRAFT – All teams managers, coaches, and players must participate in the AABC State Playoff Draft within their own league organization in which they participated. The first place team, (best record, head to head, or coin flip) will draft the first player of its choice. The second place team will follow and so on. If the player refuses to participate in the draft he is withdrawn from future participation that season. The manager therefore will reselect a replacement player in the next round. The date, time and place for the draft will be announced prior to July 1 st.
  18. REFUNDS OR WITHDRAWALS – No refunds will be issued for any teams withdrawing after their deposit has been received for the current season unless a replacement team can be found. Absolutely no refunds for team withdrawals after the start of the season.